[So we went after the crash, we step out alone.
An undivided healing that swallows us whole.
The air cuts like glass and you taste like winter.
And how long will you last, forever…
And congratulations you’ve become what you wanted.
Stepping out of this car with that look in your eyes and knowing that you’ve never looked so beautiful.
Telephone lines away, death on the end and I’m screaming.
226 on the door, asking to make out while watching the war.
And nothing’s like this exit, pale white skin on memory.
And I’ve got the proof to frame the way.
As we danced, we bled across the floor.
And that never-ending supply that we wished for.
It took me 14 hours to get this sore and knowing that you’ve never looked so beautiful.
25 days and I still can’t get this right.
Telephone lines away, felt through a phone line

36 Crazyfists – felt through a phone line]
(seht euch bloß nich die liveversionen davon bei youtube an oder so.. also auf „rest inside the flames“ hörts sich gut an.. ansonsten.. hrm)

was man nicht alles so anstellt, wenn man groll auf handgelenke hat.. immerhin gibts nen selbstauslöser!
ich glaub es wird zeit, dass das wochenende kommt.. (wer hat lust was mit mir zu machen? : ) dann bitte melden, ich wäre hocherfreut )

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